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  • Problems with logging in and logging out
    1. Check if agrees size of letters in password, a password "ABC" is a completely different password than the "abc". Make sure that you don't have Caps Lock turned on.
    2. To login successfully you need to activate your account. At the e-mail address which you gave by the registration will be sent an activation link. Click it or copy to browser and press Enter.
    3. If you have problems with logging in, try to clean the cookies.
    4. After 10 times of logging with using a new password, logging in this account will be locked for 60 minutes. This is a protection against hack.
  • I am automatically logged out
    1. Activate cookies in your browser.
    2. After 24 minutes of no activity, you will be automatic logout. To avoid this, log in with Remember me on.
  • I can't login on my account
    1. If you have forgotten your login or password, go to the reminder page and give your login or e-mail, which you gave during registration. To your mailbox will be sent an e-mail with a link, click this link and it will generate a new password. You will get it in a subsequent e-mail with a login reminder. Later you will be able to change the password on your own by using user panel.
    2. On free e-mail accounts, receiving e-mails may take several minutes or more.
    3. It is possible for a message to be found in the "others" or "spam" labels in your mailbox.
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