• Added: 21.11.2011 19:19

    A new option has appeared on the users' profiles: add to observed. The list of observed profiles is displayed in the user panel in "Friends" - "Observed".

  • Added: 15.09.2011 10:38

    In the user panel a new "Notifications" tab has appeared - it includes information concerning recent activities of friends such as updating a profile, adding a new photo, or a friend's birthday.

  • Added: 13.01.2011 12:18

    New fields have appeared in the users' profiles and the search engine - country and language.

  • Added: 24.02.2010 12:29

    We've added the possibility to add photos to private galleries. Photos added there can be seen only by friends.

  • Added: 19.11.2009 13:14

    An icon for reporting abuses has been introduced and concerns a given profile, for example spam or adding photos downloaded from the internet.

  • Added: 19.03.2009 09:29

    We've added an option to block unwanted people. It is possible to block likes and comments for selected genders and add specific people to the black list. Options concerning genders can be found in the user panel in the "Settings" tab, while adding to the blacklist is carried out with the use of the "Block" button located on a given person's profile.

  • Added: 29.11.2008 14:31

    The possibility to create own groups and writing posts in them has been added.

  • Added: 18.07.2008 10:00

    Welcome to the new service! It's a place where you can show your sex photos, rate photos, and meet other users! Registering is free, you don't have to provide any data, only your e-mail address.