The website collects personal data of users, such as e-mail addresses and IP addresses, only in the extent necessary the website’s operation. The above mentioned personal data are kept in a manner provided by the rules of law on personal data protection and other regulations issued under it. User data and any other information are not disclosed in any way, except for cases required by the law. At the same time, the website administrator reserves the right to inspect any data and content posted by users as part of the website, including personal messages.

Content published on the website is visible in the following ways:
  • Main page of profile - visible for users who are logged in and those who are not logged in.
  • Photos and movies added to the public gallery - for all users who are logged, with the exception of those added to the black list.
  • Photos and movies added to private gallery - only for friends.
  • Photos sent in private messages - only for the recipient of the message.
  • Live-camera transmissions - for all users who are logged in, with the exception of those added to the black list.

A User may at any time remove the photos or videos he or she added or sent in private messages, or may delete the entire account. When a user removes his account, his profile, data and content published by him on the website are removed from servers, subject to the fact that the user’s IP and e-mail address are registered.

When signing to the account registered on the website, cookie files are stored on the computer or other device used to view the website. Upon logging out, cookie files are deleted.

We reserve the right to make changes in the privacy policy.