• Added: 05.06.2019 15:30

    We have changed the rules regarding blocking users. From now on the blocked user will not be able to visit the profile of the person who blocked him.

  • Added: 16.05.2019 15:36

    We've added the opportunity to purchase a new and unique SUPER VIP account

    The functions of the SUPER VIP account are, in addition to the full functionality of the VIP account:
    - prestigious status for the entire duration of the SUPER VIP account
    - no limit of new conversations and utterances
    - displaying messages from SUPER VIP in the recipient's inbox at the beginning of the list, before others
    - option to hide your age

    If you have VIP account and you buy a VIP SUPER then the SUPER VIP account will be launched and will automatically return to the VIP status afterwards.

    Therefore, a limit of up to 30 new conversations or other uttarences for VIP accounts has been introduced. The restriction applies only to newly purchased VIP accounts, the ones purchased so far can start unlimited conversations.

  • We have introduced new rules regarding the limit of conversations and utterances on the website. Until now, users without a VIP account could start up to 3 new conversations and additionally add up to 3 comments, group posts and replies to posts within 24 hours.
    Now we have combined this limit into one - 3 new conversations and other utterances within 24 hours. In addition, in the tab with the edition of the "Data" profile, now the count of remaining conversations/utterances is displayed and the time when You will be able to add a new one.

  • Added: 19.04.2019 10:01

    From now on, users have the option of blocking their camera transmissions for people of a given gender. You can edit these settings by visiting "My Account" -> "Settings".

  • Added: 17.04.2019 11:14

    We added new functionality in groups and events - the ability to set gender with which users can send applications and write posts in groups. You can edit these options by going to My Account -> Groups / Events tab -> "Edit".

  • There is an option to scroll photos and videos in the gallery with keyboard arrows, available functions:
    - Left, Right - skipping a photo to the next or the previous one
    - Spacebar - stop or resume movie playback
    - Esc - closing the gallery window

  • We've added the option to set your profile picture using the uploaded videos.

  • Added: 14.02.2019 13:28

    We've added the option to hide your VIP status from other users. This option is available in the user panel in the "Settings" tab.

  • Added: 23.01.2019 23:18

    We have changed the presentation of photos and videos in the user galleries to a more modern one. Feel free to use it!

  • ⁣⁤⁣Within the last weeks, all of the banners have been successively removed from the website. We hope that using the website will be more convenient now!⁣