• Added: 22.03.2016 11:59

    From now on VIP users will not receive any advertisements on the website.

  • Added: 21.03.2016 11:48

    There are new fields possible to be set:
    - I search - people of a given gender, age, for
    - furthermore, in terms of couple accounts an option has been added allowing to select the gender of the partner

  • We've added sound notifications concerning new private messages and new notifications. Sound can be disabled at "My account" -> "Settings" tab -> "Notifications" sub-tab.

  • We've changed the principle behind the functioning of the black list, from now on all limitations concerning rating, commenting, writing messages, inviting friends, observing, subscribing to the handled groups and events, blocking viewing own videos, photos, and camera streams work both ways, meaning they concern both the person added and adding to the black list.

  • From now
    - user photos and videos can be viewed only by logged-in users
    - people added to the black list cannot view the photos, videos, and streams - they can only visit the main page of a profile.

  • Added: 07.10.2015 11:42

    A new function has appeared - activity log: "My account" -> "Notifications" -> "Activity log" sub-tab. There, it is possible to view own activity in terms of for example writing messages, rating, or commenting. Log records may be deleted

  • We've introduced a limit for newly initiated conversations to 3 for every 24 hours.
    The limit concerns only new conversations - sending messages to users with whom we've already talked or those who wrote to us first, remains unlimited. The restriction does not apply to VIP accounts.

  • Added: 10.09.2015 19:09

    We've added the possibility to carry out video chats. The new option is available on the conversation screen by clicking on the camera button.

  • Added: 08.09.2015 09:51

    We've implemented showing the number of notifications at the top, next to the number of messages. The counter is updated in real time.

  • Added: 15.05.2015 16:07

    We are opening a new part of the website - "Cameras".
    Streaming takes place by entering "My account" -> "Cameras" tab.
    The list of cameras is located at the top menu - "Contents" -> "Cameras".