• Added: 08.09.2015 09:51

    We've implemented showing the number of notifications at the top, next to the number of messages. The counter is updated in real time.

  • Added: 15.05.2015 16:07

    We are opening a new part of the website - "Cameras".
    Streaming takes place by entering "My account" -> "Cameras" tab.
    The list of cameras is located at the top menu - "Contents" -> "Cameras".

  • Added: 18.09.2014 12:35

    The message counter at the top bar and view of the conversation are now updated automatically - the conversation functions now like a chat.

  • Added: 14.08.2014 12:17

    We've added the possibility to send photos in private messages.

  • Added: 31.07.2014 12:18

    We've changed the name of the website - hopefully for a better one - from Sexfotka to Datezone

    Why is there a new name?
    - the old name was out of date for a long time now. Apart from rating photos the website turned into a wider dating service
    - the new name is less associated with adult content and will allow to reach new users
    - and to be more open to users from outside of Poland

    Website layout, functions, graphic design (apart from color) remain unchanged.

  • Added: 25.04.2014 11:30

    We've launched a new part of our website "Events": everyone can create a new event with a determined location and date, which other users may join.

  • Added: 28.02.2014 15:12

    The process of inviting friends has been improved: if we send an invitation to a person who personally invited us earlier then we automatically become friends.

  • Added: 23.01.2014 15:22

    There is the possibility to remove comments written personally on the profiles of other people. This option can be found at "My account" -> "Comments" tab -> "Posted" sub-tab.

  • From now on the set profile picture is connected with the photos in the gallery. After removing the photo from the gallery, the profile photo will automatically be changed to the following one in the gallery.

  • Added: 19.07.2013 12:00

    A new field to be filled out by the users has been added - "Preferences". A few options may be selected from a few dozen ones available.