• Added: 05.07.2013 11:01

    We've added the possibility to purchase VIP accounts as a gift for other users.

  • Added: 20.06.2013 13:26

    We've added a new gender to choose from - "Trans"

  • Added: 23.05.2013 13:29

    The possibility to group photos in the gallery into albums has been added. In "My account" -> "Photos" new albums may be created and edited, and it is possible to set them as private/public.

  • Added: 23.04.2013 12:10

    We've added the possibility to set the type of notifications which should be displayed in the User's Panel.
    The new option can be found at "My account" -> "Notifications".

  • Added: 14.03.2013 12:36

    The website's new Terms and Conditions become valid today.

  • Added: 05.03.2013 13:38

    New fields have appeared for gender profiles = couple, namely dates of birth and names of both people.

  • Added: 14.01.2013 10:42

    There is the possibility to search for users in the area of a given location (within 20/50/100/200 km). This option is located in the basic and advanced search engine.

  • Added: 13.02.2012 14:14

    There is the possibility to add videos! Adding and editing videos can be found at "My account" -> "Videos" tab.
    A few remarks
    1/ Videos appear only after being converted into a format which can be played in an internet browser - the conversion may take up to a few dozen minutes.
    2/ Requirements concerning the type of file - avi, wmv, mpeg, or flv, the minimum duration is 10 seconds and the maximum is 3600 seconds.
    3/ Videos can be liked and commented just like photos.

  • Added: 12.12.2011 14:22

    E-mail notifications concerning events on the profile have been added.
    There are 3 notification levels:
    1/ all events (received messages, friend invites, being added as a friend, receiving a comment, receiving a like, a request to a group you own)
    2/ a summary of all activities once a day
    3/ none
    The level of notifications may be set in the user's panel, Settings - Notifications

  • Added: 25.11.2011 13:33

    We've extended the function of notifications with new events concerning own profile: a received private message, friend invites, accepting a sent friend request, receiving a comment, receiving a like, or a request to join a group you own.